a homophobic smear and vendetta

On January 23, 2019, The Atlantic published the results of a year-long investigative report into new sexual misconduct allegations against Bryan Singer. The article includes detailed accusations by four males who alleged Singer sexually assaulted them when they were underage. Mr. Singer has called the story a homophobic smear piece and vendetta journalism. As to be expected, a number of popular gay blogs and writers are invoking Patrick Geary and saying more or less gay people are loyal, law-abiding, patriotic, hard-working Americans and that we should not allow a few rotten apples to bring a band name to the gay community. Well, not exactly. But The Advocate and The Daily Beast have put out stories saying more or less Bryan Singer has no right to be using his status and sexual orientation as a shield against his accusers.

Anyone surprised? Not me. The popular gay blogs and websites have been trying to pedophile Bryan Singer since 1997, long before Me, Milo Yiannopolous, and Kevin Spacey.

In 1997, during production of Apt Pupil, a controversial film that equates genocide with homoeroticism, several underage male extras hired for a shower scene began complaining and their parents got the idea they could make extra money by filing a lawsuit and implying or alleging cast and crew members were “known homosexual” pedophiles and pederasts.

Their complaint took on a homophobic edge.

The lawsuit was dismissed for lack of evidence and the scene was re-shot.

The banner of pedophilia, however, remained.

In 2009, gay media ran stories of lavish twink parties hosted by Bryan Singer and other members of the so-called Hollywood gay A-list, alleging and or implying there was abuse and criminal behavior at those parties.

In 2014, someone named Michael Egan alleged Singer raped and drugged him at a party hosted Marc Collins-Rector. Collins-Rector is a former businessman and a convicted sex offender His conviction is highlighted in the 2014 documentary An Open Secret. The documentary also sought to implicate Bryan Singer.

So what’s different now?

It wouldn’t be because Bohemian Rhapsody — a biopic on the life of Freddy Mercury and Queen, and directed by Bryan Singer, received four Oscar nominations would it?


Originally published at ngequality.blogspot.com on January 24, 2019.