Feb 17, 2019

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as more and more evidence points toward a hoax, an all too familiar narrative rears its ugly head again.

On February 16, 2019, police sources informed multiple media outlets that they now believe Jussie Smollet orchestrated his assault. was orchestrated by Smollett. The sources also told those media outlets Smollet paid two men a sum of money to help him stage the assault and that they are in possession of records which indicate the two men purchased the rope found around Smollett’s neck at an Ace Hardware.

At present, the reports now are police want to speak to Smollett urgently following new evidence provided by the two men.

Smollett has retained the same defense team defending Michael Cohen.

Moments after news broke, a strangely familiar sound was heard over social media. Know what it was? It was the sound of LGB&T activists playing an all too familiar game of spin the bottle, But it wasn’t the traditional party game where people form a circle, a bottle is placed on the floor in the center of the circle, someone spins the bottle, and the person who the bottle stops spinning on must kiss the person who spun it.

No, in this game, that all too familiar coalition of LGBT activists with a shared activist focus spin the bottle to avert their eyes and run away from the knowledge of the realization their friend lied about being the victim of a hate crime.

Since Saturday night, actors and activists have been spewing bullshit about all stands to be lost from the hoax.

We must not the actions of one bad actor (Jussie Smollet) to invalidate all our stories of abuse, violence, and dehumanization people in the LGBTQ community face daily is the general statement being espoused over social media.

But those making the statement are being just as dishonest as Smollet claiming to be the victim of a MAGA crime.

The LGBT establishment does this all the time. The LGBT establishment set the standard for denying and rejecting individual gay and lesbian people’s personal struggles and stories.

In 2017, the LGBT establishment denied Kevin Spacey his right to come out on his terms and accept personal responsibility for his actions. As I write this, LGBT activists, media, and organizations are campaigning hard to ruin Bryan Singer’s life and career, and keep his Bohemian Rhapsody from winning its Oscar nominations.

And last but certainly not least, it’s actively telling the lesbian community to adopt compulsory transgenderism or face immediate expulsion of all rights and privileges and possible criminal and or civil prosecution.

My own story of abuse and hate and dehumanization and persevering has been rejected by the mainstream too. In 2007, several well known, popular bloggers, writers, and activists decided I was expendable and sought the services of an anti-gay social conservative who then wrote a smear piece about me. Ever since, whenever I say or write something that generates clicks, that story from the anti-gay social conservative shows up somewhere, for no reason but for the sole purpose of scaring everyone into complacency and denying me social inclusion.

Who are these people kidding? When this story goes away, and it will, the very same actors and activists who demanded grace and consistency despite all the red flags, will find some new person to exploit. They’ll use the one bad apple proverb, they will lie to readers and followers about said person being a liar and fraud, engage in all kinds of character attacks for their own moral purification and self-satisfaction.

It’s how it is.

At post time, reports are police want to speak to Smollett urgently following new evidence provided by the two men. Smollett, who has retained the same defense team defending Michael Cohen, has turned himself in yet. If and when that happens, it’s probable Smollet will be arrested.

If and when that happens, maybe then we’ll really find out what really happened on the night of January 29.

If Jussie Smollett needed a mental health break, he could have done it without ruining his career and ruining the reputation of dozens of people and organizations. But he has and as a result a lot of people are eating crow and alot more other people are bearing the burden not just for Smollet’s actions but also their ignorance and arrogance.

It shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t have been. As I said before, we don’t need to make shit up to prove homophobia and racism exists. Those actors and activists and the like who criticized me and others for being cautious owe me and them an apology.

Originally published at on February 17, 2019.

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