lesbian visibility day

  • Amanda Jette Knox is an award-winning writer, human rights advocate and public speaker. and homophobe. In 2014, several months after her middle child came out a transgender, Amanda’s spouse, Mark, came out as a transgender woman named Zoe. As a result, Amanda, who used to be heterosexual, now refers to herself as lesbian, mostly to validate her partner and reinforce or re-validate the conservative being gay, or lesbian is a choice.
  • Ruth Hunt is currently Chief Executive of UK-based lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality charity Stonewall, the largest LGBT equality body in Europe. She is stepping down from this role in August 2019. Because of or thru Ruth, Stonewall has taken the position deceiving a potential sexual partner ought to or should be legal. That includes the rape of lesbians.
  • Linda Riley is a former Stonewall award winner, UK Labour Party’s LGBT Diversity Lead and the founder of the European Diversity Awards. She’s also the owner and publisher of DIVA Magazine and a trans advocate. She actively campaigns or supports people and or organizations who advocate having women opposed to transgenderism thrown off social media under the guise of “hate speech.”
  • Arielle Scarcella is a YouTube vlogger and lesbian who vlogs about “LGBT” issues. Despite her claim of being an ally to the transgender community, she’s been called everything from transphobic to bad ally because of her videos and controversial interviews with people who are not necessarily popular with the transgender community. In 2017, she produced a video featuring a trans-identified male manipulating his daughter into believing they were transgender. Arielle removed the video after a backlash. On March 3, 2019, Arielle announced on Twitter shes’s only lesbian “content creator to address women being banned and other erasure on social media, a claim which stunned lesbian vloggers critical of the transgender trend a lot longer than she.





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