my twitter account has been locked (updated)

For what its worth, I’m currently in Twitter prison, for the time being.

Apparently, its posting videos relating to the reporting of Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv.

On December 05, I tweeted this YouTube video story from Rebel News about a Canadian transgender activist in court on weapons possession charges.

As you can see, the video identified Yaniv by the official name listed by the Provincial Court of British Columbia (according to reports.)

Yaniv’s legal name is Jonathan, not Jessica.

Early this morning (December 09, at 351am) I received an email from Twitter notifying me that my Twitter account had been locked for “violating the Twitter rules.”

The violation was tweeting the above video from Rebel News.

To be clear, I removed the allegedly offending tweet, I remain in Twitter prison until Monday night. At first, I was only able to browse and sent direct messages. I direct messaged two journalists about what happened. Shortly afterward, my Twitter was put in full lockdown.

Ironically, the reporter who produced the video, Keean Bexte, was suspended eight times, all incidents related to the reporting of Yaniv.

I also learned Anna Slatz, an author at The Post Millennial, had her Twitter account suspended for tweeting about Keean Bexte’s suspension.

Lifesite News, a social conservative website also had their Twitter account locked out or suspended for tweeting out a separate story about Yaniv complaining about gynecologists refusing to see him as a patient.

As other bloggers and journalists have noted, Yaniv has been exposed as a malicious, racist huckster and predatory pedophile with a tampon/period fetish; Yaniv abuses the legal system for personal gain. Making me remove the tweet didn’t change that.

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