Apr 16, 2019

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the hypocrisy of #boycottbrunei



In Brunei, it’s illegal to be gay or lesbian. As of 3 April 2019 the punishment is death by stoning for sex between men and forty strokes of the cane and/or up to ten years in prison for sex between women.

#BoycottBrunei is a hashtag meant to raise attention to Brunei’s anti-gay laws and to boycott properties owned by the Sultan Of Brunei including The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles and Hotel Bel-Air, located in Beverly Hills, California.


LGBT outrage over Brunei’s penal code.

The “LGBT” establishment, as it exists today, supports radical Islam. They consider the criminalization of homosexuality as being part of a progressive society.

The “L” and “G” only remain for optics, or whenever there exists a problem created by or within the transgender community; for example, the ongoing controversy involving drag queen storytime or offering or granting redemption to people and organizations whose views and beliefs once made everyone angry but are now considered a fundamental right.

This is not a lie or exaggeration.

On 15 April 2019, a fire broke out in the roof of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, causing severe damage to the building. It took twelve hours to extinguish the fire. In an article entitled Here Are The Hoaxes And Misinformation About The Notre Dame Fire, a BuzzFeed’ writer ran defense for a bunch of social justice warriors who celebrated the Notre Dame Cathedral church fire.

In February 2019, OUT published a story by Matthew Rodriguez who accused the Trump Administration of racism after they announced a campaign to decriminalize homosexualityworldwide. In his piece, Rodriguez defended Iran’s anti-gays laws and called the plan, a “racist tactic” meant to galvanize “support for an ant-muslim agenda.”

In September 2016, Riley Dennis, a trans-identified male feminist, activist, and “YouTuber” released a video titled “Why Would LGBT+ People Supports Muslims?” In it, he states, “I’m a queer gay trans person and I will happily support and defend all my muslim sibling.”

Also in 2016, the Task Force led hundreds in a raucous protest against Israel at their Creating Change event.

Last but not least, the Pulse Orlando nightclub shooting. That story of the shooter being motivated by self-hatred and expressing allegiance to the Islamic state? Nope, uh-uh. As per pro-LGBT media, there was never evidence the shooter knew Pulse was a gay nightclub or was motivated by Islam. He was triggered by “bigoted commentary” and merely choose the place at random.

That said, has the boycott against Brunei shown signs of effectiveness? That would depend on one’s interpretation of effective. Shortly after actor George Clooney wrote a story on Deadline calling for a boycott of nine hotels because of their links to Brunei, some LGBT activists staged a demonstration at one of the hotels owned by the Sultan and published their action on Instagram.

Their video ended up being more of a publicity stunt than a call to action.

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