the new/old backlash against jesse singal.

Jesse Singal is a senior/science editor at New York Magazine who has written some seriously good articles about transgenderism. He also, for what it’s worth, repaired the reputation of a doctor who was accused of running an ex-gay clinic in Canada. He wasn’t. Someone, a trans person but of course, lied and a bunch of gay bloggers and activists who claim to be against ex-gays individuals and organizations and backed up by the SPLC and other LGBT organizations, bought and sold that lie to the general public.

Nonetheless, Singal has garnered a reputation which trans activists have deemed transphobic because, in this mad mad mad mad world of transgenderism, anyone who isn’t down with transgender terminology is a phobe or bigot by default.

Singal has become rather important in the court of public opinion for or against transgender ideology. So important, in fact, it would seem other bloggers, writers, and journalists are trying to have him knocked out of journalism altogether.

Since Monday, a small subset of bloggers, writers, and journalists have been waging an intervention of some kind, attacking his character and his work, and in at at least one instance, even threatening to hurt or kill Singal because he refuses to concede to transgender ideologues.

You know the ones who think an apple and banana are interchangeable because they’re both fruits and grown from trees or some insane troll logic that can’t quite be put into words.

That is, not presently.

Because it’s already given a man cannot be a woman (or woman a man) and no way no how can anyone change their sex. That they’ve managed to get the media and government is a testament to them, but in reality, the media and the government should not be in the business of indulging fantasies.

Now I have no idea of Singal is a friend or ally to the gay and lesbian community or member of our team. For all I know he could be a raving homophobe. I suppose I could ask but some days there’s just no point in my asking for clarity. Trans advocacy, be it for or against, doesn’t allow it. If it did, I’d have people blowing up my social media with requests to get more involved than I am now and take the lead, perhaps.

Lesbians and bi-women aren’t getting the job done. Other than myself and a few anonymous cowards with cartoon superhero avatars who remind there’s no T in GAY, the gay community appears intent on letting another massive tragedy befall them first before they finally realize transgenderism is not a sexual orientation and had no place or business being lumped in with gay and lesbian social struggles. We can’t rely on the media to say something or do something because they haven’t got a clue yet on how to undo the damage they created when they made transgender the new normal.

Unfortunately, that too would include Jesse Singal who appears all the more willing to indulge trans extremists on social media and play victimology poker while the rest of us down here in the trenches who have to put up with this crap morning, noon, and night sit and watch helplessly. Whose fault be that? Certainly not I, that’s for certain.

Update: To be clear, I refer to the attacks on Singal as “New/Old” because they’ve been going on since on or before 2016. But these new attacks seem like a well-orchestrated plan to de-platform Singal and make him repent. As a blogger and activist, and more importantly, someone who has himself been attacked online, it would be irresponsible and negligent of me to “look the other way,” and pretend trans extremists aren’t again waging an attack on free speech. If those people over there on Wordpress who are mad at Singal for excluding them on his latest essay don’t want to say something and do something, then I will.

Originally published at on January 17, 2019.