Feb 19, 2019

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welcome to alice in wonderland

On Tuesday, I woke up and found myself in Alice In Wonderland. I had a bizarre argument with a gay pro-trans blogger on Twitter who accused me or implied that because of my attitude, I’m contributing to the “stigma [and] violence against the #LGBTQ community.”

Imagine that, me; a gay activist and blogger who has been villified and censured by his own community, blacklisted, has no followers or subscribers and has to fend for himself while actors and activists play victim politics.

Still though, what’s ironic about that “statement,” is that it comes at a time when I’m thisclose to telling everyone involved in the movement to dissociate transgenderism from gay and lesbian rights to fuck off and die.

#DropTheT. #GetTheLOut. #NoTInGay. These hashtags and others fail repeatedly because those who put themselves on the front lines are cowards and hypocrite. None of these people are interested in solving the transgender problem. All they want to do is complain and generate clicks and freak out when I like or retweet one of their talking points.

In fact, I’m so fed up, I’ve been entertaining whether or not I should back to advocating for transgender rights, only this time do it in a way that makes sense to everyone. It can be done. At the end of the day, transgender people aren’t the sole problem facing the gay and lesbian community. We still have an ex-gay problem. We have the gay conservative problem. We have the ongoing problem of accountability and appreciating consequences.

And last but not least the neverending problem of liberal/progressive gay bloggers and activists who pedophile their own to deny them civil rights and social inclusion.

So why let a few dishonest trans-identified men and women ruin it for everyone?

Here why’s it’s not going to happen. You see, to reaccept transgenderism as part of my advocacy is to accept the idea or notion of sexual orientation being changeable thru drugs or surgery. I have no intention of abandoning what are known facts — one, that men and women cannot make themselves the opposite sex; two, people don’t become gay or lesbian by becoming the opposite sex; three, drugs are dangerous — to appease someone or some group.

Following that argument, there came the news Athlete Ally removed Martina Navratilova from its advisory board and stripped her of her position as an Athlete Ally Ambassador because she wrote an op-ed condemning trans-identified men competing in women’s sport.

Martina Navratilova is lesbian and an LGBT sports hero.

Trans women competing in women’s sport are cheaters.

Later still, NBCNews broke the news of The Trump Administration launching a new global effort to end the criminalization of homosexuality in nations where it’s still illegal to be gay. According to NBCNews, the administration is responding to the report of the hanging of a young gay man in Iran.

Great news, yes? Not exactly. Out Magazine, an LGBT website, called Trump’s plan colonial and racist and favored Iran and other countries right to condemn gay people to death.

My day ended with several trans led organizations attacking Blogger for removing TransGriot, a blog run by a lesbian hating, trans-identified black man once named Michael, without notice or explanation. The blog is now back online, but of course, everyone is still complaining because that’s what trans people and their gay allies, including the one I mentioned at the outset like to do all day and all night: Complain and create conspiracies.

Welcome to Alice In Wonderland.

Originally published at on February 19, 2019.

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